Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two weeks into 3 and how that seems long but is too short - part deux

Here's the rest of the story of our trip to the US. As you know this is intended to be a trilogy and we only spend 2 weeks in the US.

Let me first tell you that I love the States, I often refer to the US as the "Promised Land". I've never been to the US and did not like it, I always loved it. But then again, I have always been fortunate enough not having to worry about money. The States are brilliant when you have a great job that pays well and when you don't things go south pretty fast.

So after a week in Orlando we flew to our friends in Waltham. Yes, I know, I've been telling people I went to Boston, but Waltham is this little town close to Boston that most people I know don't know.
There's another little town I've spend a lot of time, Allentown, PA. And strangely enough a lot of people know Allentown. Really remarkable. But I'm digressing.
So we flew into Boston Logan and were picked up by my buddy. A short drive later and we were at his home where his wife and 2 daughters were waiting for us. Now our friends are from India and my wife and I love Indian food, just so you know. And our friends know this as well... A full week of Indian food, almost everyday 3 times a day. Heaven.

The whole week we were doing fun stuff, ranging from driving bumper-boats and eating delicious ice-creams to shopping till we were dropping. From the Boston Aquarium to the Atlantic to see whales in the wild. From a day relaxing at home to a full day in Boston visiting Boston Commons.
My buddy knows an aweful lot about Boston and the whole area. Amazing. We saw the house where J.F.  Kennedy was born and it struck me that Americans are really celebrating their heroes, they put them on a peddestal and keep them there, at all costs it seems. I think that's kinda cool.
Another thing that was really cool was that we went to this really old warship, the USS Constitution, one of those with sails and front loading guns. And the best part was that we got there late in the afternoon and they were just closing up, but we still got a private tour. That was really nice and interesting.

The best part of the whole week was to be with our friends. We hadn't seen them in 3 years or so. You should know that I worked with my buddy for like 3 days or something. That was way back in 2000, when we first met. But we became best friends right there and then. Well lucky me.

Something about this week I haven't written down yet is that my friend's youngest daughter had her birthday that week and there was a pool party at the local YMCA. Our first pool party ever.

So now you know how I spend my vacation in the US. Only one post left to make this a trilogy.


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