Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two weeks into 3 and how that seems long but is too short - part trois

This is the third and last installment of my trilogy about this year's

By now, if you've read the other two posts, you have a pretty good idea
about how we spend our vacation in the USA this year. In case you haven't
read those posts but would like to, here're links to those posts:Part 1 and Part 2

We spend some good quality time with each other this summer and it was
great. We had like 2 days before our flight to the US and a few days after
our trip together in Holland. Especially the boys really felt that daddy
was back with them.
This was most apparent when I was leaving for Cairo again. Especially
considering I was going to spend two weeks in Cairo instead of just one.

But first our days back in Holland. Especially Jay was suffering from the
difference in time. He wouldn't catch sleep untill midnight. His internal
clock was completely screwed up and it took quite a while before it was
back from EST to CET. Of course that caused quite a bit of frustration with
him. Ray was adjusting a lot better, but he as well was not back into the
normal Almere day routine immediately. We're still happy we came back days
before school would start, otherwise it would've been a disaster.

In the weeks I was in Cairo, it became really clear how intense our
vacation had been in terms of spending time together. Not being together in
this period was hard on everybody. Like going cold turkey on them.
I guess it just means that our family dynamics are pretty good. Taking a
positive view on matters.

Well, considering our time in the US, the time in Holland was really
uneventful, so I won't waste your time any further.

As always, thanks for sticking with the post until the end.


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